Advanced Authentic Research

AAR Team Contact Information



Dr. Jeong Choe
Director, Agile Teams

Office: (650) 833-4222

Jessica Tabron
Student Data Support Specialist
Office: (650) 833-4231

Ariane Tuomy
CCE Facilitator
Office: (650) 833-4231


School Site


Angela Merchant

Gunn High School Liaison

AAR & Biology Instructor
Deanna Chute

Palo Alto High School Liaison 

AAR & Math Instructor
Erin Angell

Palo Alto High School

AAR,  English & Social Justice
Pathway Instructor
Hilary McDaniel

Palo Alto High School

AAR, History and Social Science, and
Early Childhood Development Instructor
Tarn Wilson

Gunn High School

AAR & English Instructor

Andrea Struve

Palo Alto High School 

AAR, History & Social Science,
AP Research Instructor
Lucy Filppu

Palo Alto High School 

AAR, AP Seminar, English,
Sports Career Pathway Instructor