Advanced Authentic Research

Outline of Mentor Expectations

The following are expectations for mentors in the AAR program:

  • Mentor 1 to 2 student(s), depending on the projects(s)
  • Serve as content expert to support and facilitate student’s work
  • Supervise student work in lab, office or other appropriate environment.  It is acceptable to delegate supervision to TA, Grad Student, etc., for direct interaction with the student
  • Guide student progress & ensure they are on track with their project
  • Monitor student work and provide appropriate and timely feedback on electronic journaling system
  • Check in with Program Coordinator, as needed

​Suggested guidelines for student interaction:  

  • Weekly phone, Skype & email check-in
  • 1 hour/ month in person check-in if applicable
  • Periodic email interaction, as needed

Expected time commitment:  40-50 hours over the 7-8 months of the program, depending on number of students

Recommended: Attendance at Opening Social (Nov) and Celebratory Showcase (May)