Student Projects

Point-of-Care Testing

Roy J.

Mitigating Biodiversity Loss from Building Solar Farms through Urban Solutions

Flynn K.

Disparities in Female-Oriented Healthcare and Medical Research

Brooke H.


I am so pleased to be involved with a young person studying and bringing greater awareness to a big social problem facing our country that I firmly believe can be solved in the lifetimes of the next generation of Americans! I'm also very impressed at the level of rigor of this project. I've very much enjoyed working with my student so far and feel good about her progress and ability to accomplish the goals of the project. 

Veronica E.
Defy Ventures

I feel extremely gratified that I get to guide a young woman through her interest in science and to witness her progress throughout my time with her.

Antonett M.
Cleave Biosciences

Doing this project has been a meaningful learning experience in a myriad of areas. Not only was I able to explore an interesting subject that I had previously known nothing about, but I learned how to better manage my time, use advanced search engines, and extract relevant information from a vast pool of resources.

Sophia C.
AAR student

Our work this year is meaningful because the topic is relevant to the real world, and we were able to interact with people in our community, which we don't usually get to do in class. We are lucky to have had this opportunity!

Cameron D.
AAR student

I love the energy these students bring. It's amazing to see motivated students talk about their passions and share their ideas.

Linna G.
Stanford medical student

This was my first time doing scientific research and it was a life changing experience for me. When I first started this project, I didn't imagine where my research would take me as I had more questions than answers. My project had many ups and downs, but I am proud to have been able to push through those obstacles and achieve my goals with the help of my amazing teachers and mentor. AAR has been more than just an academic exercise--it has become an integral part of my life by helping me solve a long-standing problem in the field of medicine and give back to the world.

Sandhini A.
AAR student

This work has taught me a lot about how to conduct research and how to understand big issues in the context of my own community.

Asa K.
AAR student

After seven months of research, brainstorming, and planning, I had reached the point in my research where I thouight the issue I was dealing with was simply too deep-rooted for me to challenge. However, I knew that this mindset was what kept others from fighting this issue. Eventually, I designed an experiment and was amazed to see that it worked. Looking back, I am reminded that the most challenging issues are the ones you should never give up on.

Layla S.
AAR student

Advanced Authentic Research has been a tremendous experience in many ways. The collaboration with real scientists and professionals has been both enlightening and enriching. Overall, I am extremely proud of what my partner and I have accomplished this year, and I hope to apply these research strategies towards further involvement in the scientific community.

Nathan R.
AAR student

Although our research ended up in a different place than we expected, our final product was a great accomplishment. With the help of our teacher and our mentor, my partner and I were able to talk through the obstacles we encountered, and I learned about the process of researching, forming a conclusion, and writing a research paper. Research requires much revision but is ultimately very fulfilling.

Lydia T.
AAR student

My work this year has had meaning for me because I researched a topic that I am passionate about and is very applicable to today's society. By further analyzing this societal problem, I was able to understand the origins of the issue and grow more immersed in the topic.

Callia T.
AAR student

It actually made me think that school was fun because I got to research something I'm interested in.

Jose B.
AAR student

Through this project, I learned that school doesn't have to be boring. I can learn what I want to and explore what interests me. I wish all classes were like this because it makes me want to work hard, and the class isn't as stressful as the other ones because I have interest in what I'm doing.

Cindy G.
AAR student

My work this year has been especially significant to me because it has, for the first time, provided me with real insight into the business world. Through this project I learned how to work with others.

Timothy L.
AAR student

Not only did I gain insight about how to conduct a yearlong research project from start to finish, but I was also able to meet many people who are involved in the betterment of the health and wellness of students in our community. It has been truly incredible.

Meghna S.
AAR student

Working on an AAR project has helped me build confidence in myself. I learned that I have the tools available to create original research and make the necessary adjustments along the way. Compiling the work of the year into a final poster was rewarding; for me, it represented a lot of consistent work paying off.

Jenilee C.
AAR student

Through the process of conducting this case study, I learned about the different research methodologies that can be used to address a single problem, as well as gaining a better understanding of experimental design. I hope to apply the skills I learned from this project to other aspects of my life becuase I not only learned research and science-related skills, but also skills that are applicable in the future.

Allison C.
AAR student

I joined AAR because I was interested in independent STEM-focused research, and exited the program knowing that research is much more than just one field, and requires much more than just one person. It's interdisciplinary, and a team effort more than anything else, and has opened my eyes to the worlds of self-motivation, branching out and never ceasing to question everything.

Annalise W.
AAR student

At the beginning of the school year, I had no clue what I wanted to research through AAR, or what I wanted to gain from the program. Looking back, my research project has propelled me into a related major at college, and interested me in participating in research past high school. I've learned valuable skills about working with others, meeting deadlines as a team, and thinking on my feet. I feel so lucky to have experienced these things that most people won't get until later in life, and am grateful for this invaluable takeaway that I didn't even know I wanted at the beginning of the year.

Elizabeth W.
AAR student