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Educational Inequality in Lower Income Communities in the Bay Area

Gaurav T.

What are teen pregnancy risk factors?

Tiaira W.

Changing the Narrative: How Men Can Be Encouraged to Express Their Emotions

Adrien T.

What variables affect Bay Area students' in underserved communities access to college standardized testing materials?

Quinn K.

Impact of Anti-Vaccination Movement on Public Understanding of Science

Lauren Y.

Applications of Nanotechnology in Medicine

Michael T.

Relationships between Sleep Patterns in Introversion/Extroversion

Ananya K.

Availability of Physical Therapy to America's Indigent Population, and How It Could be Used to Combat the Opioid Crisis

Jake V.

Increasing Access to Higher Education for Low-Income Students

Sarah S.

Economical Transport of Probes into Interstellar Space

Naveen T.

Socioeconomic, Achievement Gap and University Enrolment

Nicole B.

What affect meditation have on perceptions of pain?

Elizabeth C.

Perceptions of Undocumented Immigrants from Latin America by Bay Area Residents

Cade R.

How Stealth Aircraft Can Reduce the Cross-Section of Sensor Fusion

Jamisen M

Solar Panels at Paly

Keenan L.

Identifying Effective Sensor and Algorithm Pairs for Obstacle Avoidance in Self-Driving Cars

Kevin B.

The Influence of Social Media on Teenagers' Perceptions of Healthy Relationships

Zoë W.

How can statistics be used to better understand injuries to baseball athletes?

Jeremy A. & Niko L.

How does has the innovation of the personal computer (a.k.a. creative destruction, market-creating innovation) affected industries in the past and present? What can we predict from other, more current, effects based on this knowledge?

Samir P.

Racial Disparity in Standardized Testing

Charlotte C.

How does the method of CRISPR cas 9 work to construct a tool to study the mechanisms of mutated NF2 gene in neurofibromatosis type 2?

Anna S. & Annie T.

Testing Whether Marangoni Flows Are Caused by Evaporation and Gravity or Liquid Composition

Hunter N.

The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health

Nura M.

What are the social-emotional effects of laning at Palo Alto High School?

Matthew S.

Testing for a Link between Bacteriophages/Gut Bacteria and Parkinson's Disease

Wendy X and Christine Z

Ending Patent Trolls

Reza N.

Financial Inequality in SAT Scores

Max P.

Gender Equality in Sports Leadership & Athletic Participation

Neive W.

The Oral History of Palo Alto Senior Citizens

Micaela W.

Quantify the amount of carbon capture needed to restore ocean pH levels to pre-industrial levels.

Connor L. & Daniel N.

How the Los Angeles Police Department Can Effectively Discern Racially Motivated Police Misconduct from a Justified Action

Esme S

Disparities in Female-Oriented Healthcare and Medical Research

Brooke H.

The Location of the Tank Transmission Over Time

Nick M.

The Math Achievement Gap in PAUSD Schools

Paige T.

Designing a Sustainable Residential House that Incorporates Palo Alto’s Climate and Environment to Reduce Utility Fees

Hyunah R.

Differences Between an Underground Artist and a Mainstream Artist

Exodus T.

How People from Low Socioeconomic Backgrounds Experience Barriers to Entry for a Youth Soccer Club

Kenzo M.

Name Changes for Social Change

Rachael V.

Water Bottling in Arrowhead Springs

K.C. F.

Voter Turnout Among Young Adults in Palo Alto

Zoe S.

How Mindfulness Meditation for Students May Close the Achievement Gap

Zander D.

What variables affect the Palo Alto community's response to homelessness?

Jordan S.

How to Optimize and Naturalize Computer-Designed Images

Andrew Z.

Women's Access to Reproductive Health Care

Alli M.

Comparing the Affordability of Patented and Brand-Name Prescription Drugs for the Average Citizen in Thailand vs. the U.S.

Julia C.

What measures can students take to effectively alleviate academic pressure and stress? How effective is the therapy-duo model in reducing academic pressure and stress?

Timothy L.

Testing Graph Theory's Usefulness in Creating New Materials with Expected Properties through Computational Experiments Through Quantum Espresso Computer Simulations

Frederick N.

Determining Correlation Between Pediatric Cancer and Mental Health Outcomes in Adult Survivors

Isabella O.

Improved Inclusion Between Students in General Education and Students Receiving Special Education Services at Palo Alto High School

Rachel L.

How can stem cell therapy be used to help stroke patients recover?

Ankita A.

Mitigation of Modern Slavery in Santa Clara County

Justin S.

Drug & Alcohol Use Affect on Academic Success of High School Students

Diego A.

Bystander Wariness: Gender-Based Behavioral Reaction to Bystander Response Laws and Victim Profiles

Quentin S.

Creativity in Education: Creativity Carts

Sam G.

Toxic Masculinity

Dean H.

Effectiveness of Music about Police Brutality in the Black Lives Matter Movement

Jordan P.

How do semiconductor companies influence the economy?

Eric Y.

Preventing Pedestrian-Involved Automobile Accidents Using Inexpensive Portable Warning Systems (PWS) Leveraging Technology Advancements in Sensors and Machine Learning Software

Akul D.

What are the differences between the various types of abuse (i.e. physical, emotional, sexual, etc) and what kinds of impact can child abuse have on people later in their life?

Maya T. H. & Ashley Z.

4ai: Accessibilty Nonprofit

Ashley P. and Cathy H.

Therapist Perceptions on LGBTQ IPV and Adherence to Treatment Guidelines

Jack P.

Graphene Doping

Catherine L.

Using Virtual Reality to Foster Empathy

Anshika A.

Developing a Better Litter Prevention Program

Julie C.

What are the effects of total school spending per student on educational outcomes in California? How can the allocation of school funding provide equitable access to education?

Josh D.

Using Computational Modeling Techniques to Analyze Cancer Cell/Tumor Growth, and Identifying Best Methods of Analyzing Data from Tools like Mass Spectrometry When Studying Tumor Growth

Anuva B.

Web Development and Maintenance in Small Businesses

Hannah Z.

How has autism research developed in recent years?

Reza N.

Graph Theory Study of Metal Doped Graphene Edge State

Tian C.

The Effect of Marginal Income Tax Rates on the GDP of the U.S. from 1997 to 2017

William X

Identifying an Effective Semantic Segmentation Algorithm for Deforestation Analysis

Renee S.

Is there a correlation between the rate at which a pulsar loses rotational energy and the non-thermal radiation and bulk kinetic energy of expansion of its supernova remnant?

Maya S.

The Effect of Surface Contouring on Capacitive Computer Keyboard Sensitivity

Ethan C.

The Effectiveness of the Autism Superpower Glasses on Blind Individuals

Lauren C.

How Legislation Aimed at the LGBT Community Impacts the Frequency and Nature of Hate Crimes in the U.S.

Megan G.

Relationships Between NASA Budget Cuts and the Output of Spinoff Biomedical Engineering Projects, and How These Innovations Have Impacted the Medical World

Gemma S.

The Connection Between Art and Autism

Waverly L.

Improving Animal Models Best Represent Alzheimer’s Disease

Allison C.

Sunshine (novel)

Haoning J.

What is the most effective way to cross-sell Google Cloud Platform to Google Apps customers (and vice versa) to increase customer loyalty and engagement?

Annalee S.

Economic Gardens

Jeremiah C.

What ways can we reuse water so that it’s safe to drink?

Mina K. & Bethany S.

Investigating Hydrogen as a Potential Alternative to Kerosene in Fueling Commercial Aircraft

Alexander G.

Effectiveness of Academic Support/Resources post DreamCatchers

Katherine B.

How Different Types of Unstable Housing Situations Lead to Distinct Health Outcomes Among HIV/AIDS Patients who Experience Housing Insecurity

Alexandra S.

How Contemporary Female Artists Have Succeeded Despite Historical Bias

Esther L.

Impact of Support Classes in PAUSD

Amy L.

How can Apple’s 2001 iPod marketing strategies be used to advertise products of silicon valley’s newest tech companies?

Toby L.

What strategies can Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) use to effectively reduce the amount of waste created and increase the efficiency in which waste is sorted (into recycling, compost, and landfill bins) on elementary, middle school, and high school campuses? Furthermore, what are the fiscal effects of reducing and sorting waste on PAUSD campuses?

Leila T.

How have frozen conflicts in Eastern Europe be developed in the past 10 years? Are these frozen conflicts permanent in nature, or can they be resolved?

Tara M.

The Harmful Effects of Gentrification

Miguel G.

Underlying Causes of Incarceration and Preventing Recidivism

Darrow H.

Role Of Phagocytosis In The Treatment Of Brain Tumors

Aarti M.

Comparing the quality of Chinese and English translations of Japanese text through studying two notable pieces of Japanese literature and their translations.

Cynthia Z.

Does relativity affect voter preferences in primary and local elections?

Avi T.

Water Filtration and Purification

Richard L. & Caroline L.

How Has Lack of Access to PPE Affected the Health of Farm Workers in California as a Result of COVID-19 and the Recent Wildfires?

Grace L.

What are effective solutions for air particle pollution in underdeveloped countries?

Claire Q.

Performance and game factors influencing the fluctuating ticket prices of NBA games

Katherine C.

Causes, Effects, and Solutions to Groundwater Depletion in California

Tanvi R.

Effective Policies to Maximize Smartphone Utility in Classrooms

Jerry H.

“Does Police Training Lead to Increases in the Use of Excessive Force Against Minorities?”

Ziggy T.

Case Study of Bay Area Entrepreneurs

Lara N.

What are the social and cognitive effects of using a dumbphone among adolescents?

Bryce D.

How do different teaching styles affect student engagement in middle school math classes?

Nicole L.

Improving Effective Use of Existing Technology in Public Schools

Vivian N.

What marketing strategies are most effective in recruiting AAR students with diverse interests?

Angus S.

Basics of Acoustics

Linda L.

Representation of Indigenous Peoples in K–Social Studies Curricula

Thomas L.

What Tangible Impacts Does Underrepresentation Have on the LGBTQ Community?

Michael S.

How Levels of the EGFR Protein in Cells Relate to Cancer Rates

Isha R.

How does the change in elevation of coastal mountains caused by introduced species like eucalyptus contribute to the increasingly dry seasons in the Bay Area?

Claire H.

What is a feasible financial plan for the Palo Alto Airport's next three Airport Days?

Cindy G.

Implications of Principles of Turner's Thesis on Mass Media

Stephanie L.

Are High School Students With Higher Family Income More Likely To Continue With Competitive Sports Than Students With A Lower Family Income?

Aidan R.

How Toxicity and Gender Change the Way People Play Games Before the Game Even Starts

Alex A.

A Personal Memoir

Rachel S.

How does a patient's emotions affect their cancer development?

Ronald O.

Analyzing strategies used to tell an engaging story to a modern demographic?

Jacques M.

What are effective measure PAUSD community members can take to reduce teen stress in PAUSD?

Tanner N.

Youth-Driven Mental Health Programs

Madeline B.

Analyzing Different Prime Factorization Algorithms

Andrew C.

Lessons from the USA's Entrepreneurial Successes

Aneesh A.

How can machine learning be used to teach a computer to create art?

Tyler P. & Josh S.

Making Meaning Through Self Portraits

Naomi S.

How Does The Varying Healthcare Style And Poor Financial State Of Developing African Countries In Comparison To The United States Affect Pediatric Healthcare Services?

Bridget P.

The State of Arts Education in K-12 Public Schools

Kelsey L.

How does inserting different transitional metal atoms into a 6 by 6 cell of silicene affect its catalytic properties?

Frederick N.

How Does Consumer Culture in the US Affect the Mental Health of its Citizens?

Ella M.

Impact of One-on-One Meetings for Low-Income PAUSD Families about A-G Requirements

Chloe L.

Reasons for and Impacts of Schools Cutting Their Arts Programs

Alberto S.

Differences in the Economy and Health of East Palo Alto and Palo Alto as a Result of Water Allocation and Quality

Shana E.

How can all polygons that can arise as tile shapes in Voronoi grid deletion tilings be characterize?

Michael N.

An Empirical Approach to the Measurement Problem of Quantum Mechanics

Quinn M.

How do the nonviolent movement leaders Aung San Suu Kyi and Martin Luther King intersect?

Julia C.

Why Digital Wallets Are Less Popular in the U.S. than in China

Audrey C.

How can computer technology be used to accurately assess walking balance disorders?

Sandhini A.

How Political Isolation Affects Political Polarization

Sophie A.

The Effect of Transfection on Metastatic Potential of Mouse 3T3 cells

Ananya M.

Self-Folding Robots: How They Work and What Applications They Have

Allison Y.

How a Systematic Process of Collecting and Presenting Evidence in Court Can Be Installed in the United States to Increase the Reliability of Forensic Science

Anna T.

Correcting Yoga Poses through Pose Estimation

Ziyue W.

How Art Can Help Students with Autism

Kaitlyn H.

Non-Traditional Variables for Measuring the Stability of the Economy

Lawrence F.

What variables affect video game popularity?

Ethan A.

The Importance of Student Participation in Language Development from Middle School to High School

Arman M.

Impact of Gun Legislation on Gang-Related Violence

Miles B.

Process and Impact of Reporting Sexual Assaults in a University Setting

Malia C.

How Watching Anime Impacts Thought Processes

Robin D.

The Benefits of Music Education

Gabriel C.

What are the factors behind the rising prescription drug prices in America?

Kathleen L. & Stephanie Z.

Business Owners and Mislabeling in the Seafood Industry

Varun D.

Analyzing Former NBA Trades to Predict Upcoming Trades

Mihir G.

What are the pros and cons of stem cells and gene therapy when used to cure blindness?

Ankur M. & Edward T.

The Effectiveness of the Tinsley Program and its Effect on the Racial Achievement Gap Within PAUSD

Talia S.

What variables regarding team cohesion are related to the overall satisfaction of soccer players in the Bay Area?

Emily T.

How Teaspoon Collect Consumer Information to Better Target Marketing

Ashley P.

What variables affect a book's popularity, specifically frequency of words?

Akansha G.

HPV Vaccine Safety, Treatments, and Usage

Ayaka S.

How can companies strategically and tactically set the most optimized pricing structure for consumer products for both online stores and offline retail channels?

Michelle L.

National Anthem Protests and the Effectiveness of the 2018 Nike Campaign in Raising Awareness about Racial Bias

Bakari S.

Examining variables that measure seismic safety in Palo Alto High School's buildings.

Vivian W.

How Does The Way California Fund Their Public Schools Affect Teaching And Learning In The South Central LA School Districts?

Karisa GM

What variables affect East Palo Alto residents' access to healthy food?

Yotam P.

How the Grieving Process Differs for Children Who Have Lost Parents vs. Parents Who Have Lost Children

Mahati S.

The Internets Affect on the Purposes of Public Libraries and Demographics of Their Visitors

Yunhao Y.

Impacts of Zero Tolerance Policies in Education on Minorities and Students of Color

Shriya R.

Food Security: A National Crisis

Virginia T.

How is the US Prepared to Help Trans and Gender Expansive People Transition?

Reed J.

What are the Theoretical Arguments and Evidence For and Against the Ideas of Jordan Peterson, Specifically his Stance on Identity Politics, political Correctness, and the Meaning of Existence/Purpose of Life?

Michael X.

Mandatory Computer Science in School

Nathan C.

How do Climate Change and Climate-Related Disasters Impact Minorities Disproportionately in the US?

Gretchen B.

Mitigation of Plate Waste at Gunn

Quentin S.

How Silicon Valley Companies Can Provide More Job Opportunities to Local Residents

Jenna O.

Harnessing the Power of the Ocean: Designing a Portable and Efficient Wave Energy Converter Prototype

Isabel S

How 4D Printing, Smart Materials, and Self-Assembly Can Be Implemented Together to Protect Humans in Hostile Situations While in Space

Kaushik S.

Identifying the Connection Between Low Wages and Obesity in Santa Clara County

Dara H.

Affordable Compared to Luxury Drug Rehabilitation Centers Through Meditation

Declan K.

The Effects of Particle Interactions on Nuclear Level Density and Temperature in the sd-space

Alex B.

The Effectiveness of Breathing Techniques in Improving Athletes' Mindsets and Resilience to Failure

Ellie J.

Older Adults’ Core Values in Recreational Activities as Predicted by Developmental Psychology with Emphasis on Cultural Disparities

Jessica Z. and Sarah B.

What Is The Availability Of Mental Health Education And Supports For Middle Schoolers?

Anna T.

Differences between American and European Ideas of a "Gap Year"

Charlie W

Why Students in a High Achieving Suburban High School Do Not Seek Mental Health Support

Samantha L.

Modelling Control Factors For Mosquitoes In Many Environments

Edward T.

Analyzing Perception of Satisfaction of Artwork

Katie H.

How has the involvement of Asian-Americans in the film industry evolved?

Callia T.

How does language used by retailers affect adolescent consumers?

Jacky M.

Environmental Racism

Ricardo L

What variables affect women living in poverty in California from accessing reproductive health care? What would be the most effective ways to mitigate these variables to ensure equality in access to reproductive health care?

Avery P.

Managing Flood Damage for East Palo Alto

Siddhant A.

How Does the Amount of Music Exposure or Experience Affect the Effect of Music Therapy for Alzheimer's Patients Over the Age of 60?

Rohini B.

Signs Reagan Writing and Speaking Show Indicating Early Signs of Alzheimer's

Maxwell K

Comparison of Left-Behind Children in Rural China and Immigrant Chinese Students in the United States

Stella (Qinqin) W.

Using Ocean Waves to Generate Power

Isabel S.

Ration Bars

Alicia Z.

How can the exposure of classical music affect the condition of people with Alzheimer’s?

Mehrnaz M.

Identifying Effective Instructional Technology in 6-8 Education

Aditi P.

Impact Of Music On The 8 Wellness Factors In High School Students

Ava S.

Individual Queer Identity and Repression (Stage Play)

Vincent S.

Interest Levels in Science Classes at Paly

Jonathan S.

How can natural language understanding techniques be applied to mimic human responses in spam email conversations?

Guatam M.

How to Minimize Risk in Stock Market Investment

Arjun K.

Applications of AI in the Medical Field

Elliott K

How High Schools in America Support Students with Mental Health Issues

Olivia W.

Idiopathic And PTSD-related Nightmare Disorder And Chronic Nightmares.

Asha M.

Plastic Straws in the Environment

Michaela F.

Anti-Trump Protests in Santa Clara County 2017-18

Dante K.

How does systemic racism persist in America's prison system?

Dorian J.

How can implementing t-shades and other renewable sources of energy affect Palo Alto Airport's sustainability?

Simran P.

Which tactics and ideologies of al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood work to achieve their respective goals, and which are counterproductive?

Jenna K.

Effectiveness and Availability of Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy for People with Mental Challenges in the Bay Area

Emma V.

Musical Machine Learning

Nicholas C.

Sexism in Hollywood

Peter G.

How does Kalman filter and a replacement of the PID control loop affect a robot’s ability to aim and shoot?

Rachel N.

How is the globalization of social media and the rising prevalence of connectivity affecting the state of poverty in developing countries?

Dana Z.

Why Don't We Use Closed Captions?

Senja J

How Does Social Construct Play a Role in the Rising Rates of Teenage Addiction?

Madeline S.

Suppression of Votes in Low-Income Communities During the 2020 Primary Election

Krista R.

Using Melanoma Drug Treatment Data to Extract Clinical Insights

Jenny S.

How can user mouse movement patterns be used to improve A/B testing?

Daniel C.

Indoor pollution and cooking

Jane L.

Why does Palo Alto’s African American Population Stand at Just 1.6%, and What are the Problems in the City’s Methods to Address this Disparity?

Will T

How are Black Women Being Discriminated Against when Receiving Reproductive Healthcare Compared to White Women?

Seymour A.

What variables contribute to an entrepreneur's success? How can adolescents develop successful entrepreneurial characteristics?

Soumya J.

The use of Angiogenesis to treat Myocardial Infarction Injury

Jason L.

System 1 and System 2 Persuasion Tactics and Their Impacts on Secondary School Absenteeism

Aditya M.

Black Abalone Restoration

Alana F.

Awareness for Battered Woman Syndrome

Sofia M.

Analyzing Guard-on-Inmate Sexual Violence in Women’s Correctional Facilities

Ria R.

The Chester Project

Lindsey M

How Changes in Gene Expression Affect Phenotypes and Clinical Outcomes for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Janet L.

Using Emotions to Improve Memorization

Isha R.

What are the most significant environmental factors and genetic influences that increase the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease?

Nathan R. & Micaela W.

In addition to the price to earnings ratios dominant effect on a stock’s price, does a company’s balance sheet information, namely, cash flow, have a further effect?

Daniel Z.

Using a Neural Network to Predict Social Media Reactions to the Aesthetic Qualities of an Image

Ramsey B

How can machine learning be used to analyze a website’s design by using data about human preferences based on age and/or gender? How can it provide insight on the website entrance's appeal to its target audiences?

Adnaan S.

How does embedding various metals in 6 by 6 sheets of boron nitride affect its properties?

Michael C. & Nihar M.

Politics of Alto High School Social Justice Students

Hannah S.

What is the most efficient way to dispatch taxis to optimize time and maximize revenue?

Rachel C.

How does providing full day kindergarten correlate with the achievement gap?

Kira E.

What is the effect of using actergy as a metric on developing muscle training and sports performance?

Sean L.

The Perceived Safety of Girls in Palo Alto

Lilli C.

Infrared Sensor on Arduino Self-Driving Car

Kevin B.

The Relationship Between a Culture of Happiness, Mental Health, and Emotional Health Among Silicon Valley Youth

Emily C.

Impact of Connection between Concussions and Mental Health on Football Programs

Hazel S.

Reading Programs’ Effects on the Achievement Gap

Sashinka P.

How does the financial aid application affect higher education enrollment among students from low socioeconomic backgrounds?

Corinne S.

4ai: an Accessibilty Nonprofit

Ashley P. and Cathy H.

Improving Animal Models Best Represent Alzheimer’s Disease

Iris H.

Labor-related Macrosocial Forces of Japanese Karoshi

Michael B.

Possible Effects of Complete Trade Isolation between the U.S. and China on the U.S. Economy

Lexy J

Garden Remodel

Jack F.

"Pasung" Shackling the Mentally Ill in Indonesia

Dhesya S.

Teacher Well-Being

Bridget L. and Kristina I.

Bridging the Gap in Pediatric Palliative Care for Terminally Ill Patients

Avantika S.

How has the rise of pharmaceutical companies affected the progress on cancer drug development?

Matthew N.

How Employee Benefits Affect Company Productivity

Amy W.

Volunteerism and Veterans' Morale

Kaitlin M.

What are the effects of discrimination and stereotype threat on growth mindset among minority students?

Layla S.

How does the amount of sleep affect an adolescent athlete's performance?

Amber F. & Claire L.

Effectiveness of the Voluntary Transfer Program

Ben B.

Using the science of Neuroplasticity, how long will it take to train the non-dominant hand to write as fast as the dominant hand dependent on age?

Akhil K.

Wolbachia Spread Simulation

Bryan T.

How Different Kinds of Media Affect Perception of Mental Health

Oscar S.

Analysis of Variance for Rubik's Cube Solving Speed

Kepler B.

Gardening and Student Health

Benjamin A.

How does prior knowledge of chemicals in pesticides affect consumer attitudes towards organic versus nonorganic food?

Adrienne K.

What kind of peptide chain inhibitor can be created to suppress the FOXP3 transcription factor and impair the development of regulatory T cells?

William P.

The Impact of Community Gardening on Nutrition and Eating Habits

Kate O'C.

How Can the Effect of Covid-19 on Child Abuse Rates Help Identify the Root Causes of Child Abuse?

Georgia B.

Displaying and Selling Art Made by San Quentin Death Row Inmates

Maddy W.

Addressing Consequences On High School Student Sleep Health As A Result Of COVID-19

Myra X.

What variables affect literacy development among K-3 students?

Sarah S.

How has the increased use of technology affect company's branding styles?

Anmol N. & Shannon Z.

Determining the Best Post-Graduation Options for High School Students Using Self-Interest Inventories and Research

Brandon P

Identifying the Impact of Globalization of Western Fashion Media on Eating Disorders in Japan

Samhita J.

How do sales/ marketing representatives use R&D investments to help market their products?

Serina N.

Strategies on Ending Child Marriage

Tyler V.

How can a program be written to develop a percentage value for a stop loss on any security that minimizes loss (or maximizes profit), based on analysis of that security’s historical price?

Ayush G. & Robbie S.

Is America a Real Democracy or is the Political System Expolited by Money?

Zihao F.

Numerical Simulation of Excited Molecule Propagation to Determine Plasma Sterilization Effectiveness in a Lumen Device

Clair K.

The Genetics of Melanoma

Pooja A.

Tracking the Social Divide Between Special Education Students and General Education Students

Mattie O.

The Effect of Culturally Responsive Therapists for Minority Students

Noor N

How Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Causing Mutations in the Lever Arm of the Myosin Motor Affect the Function of the Myosin

Michael C.

What are the daily effects of familial hypercholesterolemia and other inherited heart diseases on patients?

Ria S. & Brian C.

RNA Folding with CoFold

Edward T.

Impacts of Social Media on Political Polarization in People Ages 18-30

Vinay R.

How would inserting transition metals into 2 dimensional materials such as graphene, silicene and boron nitride affect its catalytic properties?

Tian C.

What is the effect of increasing deforestation on re-emerging diseases, specifically leptospirosis?

Paloma M.

How can a decision tree help guide patients through consideration for the different walking devices available to them?

Lydia T.

The Increase of Anti-semitism and Suggested Modern Responses

Ella B.

How Variation in Response to Medication due to CYP450 Enzymes Affects Adverse Drug Reaction Rates (in Terms of Health and Healthcare Costs) Through Prevention of Adverse Drug Reaction?

Renee S.

Extrachromosomal DNA in Biofluids: A Biomarker of Cancer?

Yuhui W.

What novel stem cell and prostate cancer biomarkers located on the cell surface can researchers and clinicians use as therapeutic targets?

Jenica W.

What variables affect low-income peoples' access to healthcare in California?

Caitlin D.

What are some of the effects of Natural products and substances, such as Panax ginseng, on tau pathology in Alzheimer’s Disease patients?

Lawerence C. & David S.

Identifying Sequence Elements in the 5’UTR of mRNA that correlate with Translational Efficiency in H.Capsulatum

Annika V.

Effective Methods for a Counselor-Based School Mental Health Program to Prevent Additional Suicide deaths After a Public Suicide in PAUSD

Claire B.

How the Length of DNA Multimers Influences the Efficiency of Transforming the Bacteria Bacillus Subtilis

Joy H., Stephanie Z.

What is the maximum plastic consumption of the average mealworm?

Jenilee C.

Measuring How Speech Patterns Differ in State Congressional Speeches Using Partisan and/or Regional Key Phrases

Nandita G.

What factors have historically affected the homicide rate in the United States, the rise of homicides in 2015?

Amar S.

The Effect of Music on Task Performance

Ishita M.

Electric Regeneration in Electric Bikes

Miles S.

Connection between Contamination of Coastlines and Surf Break Pollution

Alex W.

What affect does demographics have on phone choice?

Norman K. & Edward K.

How does the amount of sleep affect mood and performance of high school students?

Cameron D. & Elena W.

An Analysis of French and U.S Sino-centric Defense Policy by Examining the implementation of Unilateral Arms Embargoes by the Two Countries

Siddharth J.

How does the diversity of a classroom affect the mindset of students? How do the mindsets of HUR students compare to others?

Kaitlin C., Ahana G., & Zahra M.

Reducing Terrorist Upbringing by Analyzing the Psychological Backgrounds of Terrorists in the Middle East

Will W.

What variables affect students' educational aspirations and confidence?

Jack F.

Reasons for High Dropout Rates in World Language Classes and How to Encourage Students to Continue in Language Education

Clare T.

How Media Impacts the Opinions of Palo Alto High School Students Regarding the NFL Protests

Will R.

How prevalent is liver cancer in the Asian community compared to other ethnicities and why?

Sam Y.

Graffiti: Not All Bad

David H.

Improving Sun Protection Through Education and Access-Based Interventions

Anna T.

Policy and the Movement of Undocumented Immigrants: A Look at the Correlation between State Policy and Undocumented Immigrant Populations in the United States over the Past 10 Years

Ben S. & Vyomika G.

The Future of Women’s Rights in Nigeria: A Study on the Impact of Culture on Sexism in Nigeria

Angelica N.

Standardized Testing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Heidi M.

AI Algorithm that Calculates the Heart Rate from an Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Allen L.

What effect does the cell proliferation rate have its mass?

Andrew T. S.

How can one construct a hydraulophone (instrument) that displays a visual representation of the sound it produces?

Josh C.

Sustainable Plants in the Palo Alto Climate

Rahul K.

A Study of the Involvement and Potential of Music Therapy in Care Facilities as Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

Sarah B.

Income Effects on Computer Science

Aizaak C.B.

What is microPREP, and what are its potential uses?

Elizabeth W. & Andrew Y.

What algorithms power self-driving vehicles’ fully autonomous driving systems?

Michael B.

The Ideal Sexual Education for Middle and High School, and How It Compares to PAUSD's Sexual Education

Beatrice W.

Socioeconomic Impact of California Wild Fires and the Importance of Community Engagement in Land Management

Otto B

Use of Facial Recognition Technology in Law Enforcement

Sasha L.

How Use of a Teen Mentoring Program Impacts the Academic Engagement of Third Graders

Bradley S.

Relative Health of Native vs. Foreign Trees in Palo Alto

Jackson C.

Inclusive Learning in Special Education

Sophia H

Effects of AI in a Changing Business Climate

Arjun S.

The Effectiveness of Different Types of Music in Decreasing Stress, Increasing Motivation and Confidence, and Improving Mood

Emily T.

Environmental Education and It’s Outreach Due to COVID-19.

Molly O.

How effective is personalized mentorship through technology?

Alice Y. Z.

What are the educational outcomes of students in East Palo Alto and what variables affect these outcomes?

Jordan Q.

The Anonym Project

Yara S.

Do Adults With Bachelor's Degrees Tend To Earn More Money Than Adults With High School Experience Or Community College?

Blake E.

Robotics for All: Development and Growth of a Non-Profit

Max G.

Using AI to Improve Relations Between the United States and North Korea

Hyunwoo R.

How Adoption of Cryptocurrencies (e.g., Bitcoin) as a Mainstream Form of Payment Might Be Affected as High-Frequency Trading Becomes More Prevalent Among Major Currencies

Aidan H.

How Low Income California Residents Are Affected by Their Enrollment with MediCal

Madeline M.

The Effects of Priming on Object Localization in the Visual Field

Edmund L.

Education and Inclusion for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Postsecondary Education

Hyewon A.

What is the feasibility of starting a housing venture in college residents in Portland? Connect these findings to why college housing opportunities aren't as prevalent in the Silicon Valley.

Hannah P., Julia Q., & Allison W.

Analyzing Sounds Emitted by Motorized Vehicles

David S.

Causes of Stigma Against Students with ADHD in Palo Alto and How to Counter Them

Margaret L.

An Effective Treatment For COVID-19: CRISPR

Mona P.

Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Neurodegenerative Diseases Associated with Mutant Tau

Miranda Y.

Integrating Autonomous Vehicles into Current Roadway Networks

Devin A.

How have marketing strategies of large corporations differed in developing countries versus in first world countries in the scope of the past two decades?

Adeline Z.

Barriers to Reporting Sexual Harassment at Palo Alto High School

Alexa A.

Effectiveness of Safety Technology on Military Aviation over the Past 100 Years: How Technologically Driven Reductions in Pilot Error Reduce the Number of Incidents

Oscar L.

Mental Health in the Juvenile Justice System

Tyler M.

Relationships Between Economic Status and Extracurricular Participation in Palo Alto

Marissa L.

Does The Lack Of Resources For Adolescents With Mental Health Living In Low Income Areas Affect The Severity Of The Conditions In Comparison To Adolescents With Mental Health Outlets?

Corinne B.

Study on the Effect of Doped Vertical Co, Ni, Fe Dimers in Pristine Graphene

Joshua C.

How can scratch holograms be made more efficiently?

Alice Z.

How can artificial intelligence affect user engagement in video games?

Kavi G.

Autism and Poverty

Audrey G.

The Effects of Stress on Working Memory in High School Students

John L.

Shoe Startup Viability Within Their Respective Markets

Manu T.

Testing the Link Between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and HIV

Andres B.

Analyzing the Achievement Gap in the Bay Area

Alia J.

How PAUSD Can Encourage Racial Diversity in Honors and AP STEM Classes

Chiara B.

How Does Gender Have an Effect on the Wage of a Person Working in PAUSD and How Do the Wages Compare Between Genders?

Lulu G.

The Voluntary Transfer Program and the Racial Achievement Gap in PAUSD

Talia S.

Environmental Social Justice: Superfund Sites

Benjamin M.

How has the role of African American females in television, movies, and plays evolved over time? What variables affected this evolution?

Nadia L.

How Tobacco and Vaping Advertisements Target Young Adults in Low Socioeconomic Communities

Hanna C.

Affordability of Medicine Within the United States

Julia C.

How does the protein Ptch in the Hh pathway bond with cholesterol?

Youngju K.

How Age Affects Perceptions of Inclusion of People with Disabilities

Amanda H.

ADHD Treatments Options: Information, Accessibility, And Awareness

Alex S.

Identifying Effective Methods to Encourage Households to Compost

Maya A.

How does post-secondary education affect PAUSD graduates?

Meghna S.

What are the results of NAFTA for the U.S. and other participating countries in terms of GDP from small businesses, and what could this mean for high-capital industry in Palo Alto if the TPP goes into effect?

Isaac S.

Impact of Paris Climate Accords on CO2/GHG Emissions: Comparative Study of U.K. and Canada to Determine Best Practices

Ryan P.

Analysis of Developing Countries in Southeast Asia

Christine T.

How Government Policy Relating to Homelessness Affects the Education of Homeless Youth in the Bay Area

Louisa K.

Are Chatbots More Effective in Engaging with Autistic Individuals between 13 and 18 years old in Comparison to Therapists conducting Psychotherapy?

Zachary F.

Infrared Sensors on Self-Driving Cars

Kevin B.

Benefits of Teens Maintaining a Paid Job in Silicon Valley, California

Brooke M.

Impact of Music Education on the Achievement Gap

Prahalad M.

Identifying Post-Secondary Options

Damian A.

How Korean Beauty Empowers Women Entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Cindy G.

Psychological Factors that Affect Customer Buying Behavior and Effectiveness at Which Companies Match Them

Alan G.

Are 18-35 Year Old Women Who Are Seen as Attractive Presented with Significantly More Opportunity in their Careers Compared to Those Who Are Not Seen as So?

Lauren L

How can Palo Alto Senior High school work to address gap in diversity within laned and unlaned classes?

Jessica W.

How Does Race Influence Rates of Excessive Force Among Policing In the United States?

Cristian R.

Variations that Affect the Risk of Narcolepsy

Christine Z.

How can a transportation market optimize ways to dispatch drivers to passengers while maximizing efficiency and revenue?

Rachel C.

Testing Whether GANs Can Generate Photorealistic Images from Rough Sketches

Tianyue Z.

How do the growth mindsets of Palo Alto High School students correlate with their susceptibility to gender stereotype threat?

Jeannette A.

How can a decision tree help guide patients through consideration for the different walking devices available to them?

Lydia T. & Amy W.

What are the biochemical changes in patients with Parkinson’s disease?

Allison C.

How Social Media Affects Gender Equality

Riya S.

How Does the Justice System Disproportionately Affect Prisoners with Mental Health Issues in How They are Treated by Correctional Officers Along with the Resources They Have in Southern Prisons?

Erin F.

The Effect of Embedding Transition Metals on the Spintronic Properties of Graphene Ribbons

Michael C.

Universal Preschool and its Relation to Closing the Achievement Gap

Isabella K.

Investigating Perception of Bias in U.S. News Outlets

Olivia C.

Bringing Alignment to the Paly Campus

Sophie Y.

Paly Student Satisfaction with School Wellness Programs

Jasmine M.-P.

Harnessing the Power of the Ocean: Designing a Portable and Efficient Wave Energy Converter

Isabel S.

How Sex Hormones' Effect on Skin Bacteria Reflects the Gender Bias of the Occurrence of Eczema

Chloe L.

Clothing Waste

Nina C.

Homelessness and the Opportunity Center of Palo Alto

Ellie W.

Anser Literary Journal

Joshua Y., Rachel S.

How can we find a way to incorporate physical therapy into the clubfoot treatment, which can be understood by any language and without internet access, for kids in developing countries in the most effective way?

Isabelle C.

How do the effects of subliminal perception impact gender-neutral advertisements?

Alicia C.

Effects of Stereotyping in Type Casting on the Careers of Racial Minority Actors

Sarthak P.

How Destructive Female Friendships Relate to Competition Between Women for Relationships and Professional Success

Sydney M.

Air Pollution in Palo Alto vs East Palo Alto

Alexandra L.

How a Photovoltaic (PV) System is Planned and Funded, and the Impact of PV on the Local Community

Juan A.

Portrayal of Characters in TV with Invisible Disabilities and the Effect of These Performances on Neurologically Atypical Viewers

Patille P.

Protections Against Pesticide Exposure for Farmworkers

Maya R.

How can simulations be used to determine and minimize the causes and effects of wireless interference?

Rafi L.

The Gender Gap in Autism Research

Siena AB.

How Social Factors, Such as Discrimination and Racial Profiling, Affect the Achievement Gap in Majority White Schools

Sarah M

Can women living with HIV successfully carry a HIV negative baby to term? What variables affect the outcome?

Emma M. & Asa K.

The Challenges of Creating an Environmentally Sustainable Company: with a Focus on the Reduction of Plastic Waste

Maxwell C.

What are the frequency trends of marijuana substance abuse among teenagers in California?

Annalise W. & Audrey L.

How Does the Music Industry’s Combination of So Many Styles of Music Contribute to Racial Segregation in the Music Industry?

Marina B.

Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS) Margin Retreat Driven By Marine Outlet Glacier Activity

Arunim A.

Using R to analyze data from 500 patients with lung squamous cell cancer, which proteins have high expressions that correlate with low survival rates?

Arushi A.

The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status And The Rate Of Concussion Diagnosis Among Bay Area High School Students (ages 14-18).

Alexa G.

How Much Are Known Factors Correlated with Higher Risk of Alzheimer’s in African Americans Over the Age of 65 Compared to Other Ethnicities Over the Age of 65?

Emily W.

Understanding gut bacteria’s effect on the onset of neurodegenerative diseases

Wendy X. and Christine Z.

Minority Presence in Journalism

Hannah D.

Unattainable Standards: How Fashion and Body Type Trends Create an Unrealistic Idea of Beauty

Erin V.

Stereotype Threat and Self-Affirmation in PAUSD

Kobi J.

What is the potential of machine learning in analyzing financial data to make better risk-informed decisions?

Nicholas Z.

Cross-Comparison of Thraco-Pelasgian with Lycian

Aosheng P.

What are the most effective ways of closing the achievement gap?

Maya D. H.

How did the Federal Reserve affect the U.S. economy during the Great Depression and 2008 recession?

Minki K.

Assistance for the Oglala Sioux Population

Natalia B.

Impact of STEM Literacy on SpringBoard to Kindergarten and Kindergarten Readiness

Brianna M.

How does writing capabilities compare between students with English Only background and students from non-English Only Background (English Learner, non-English speaking parents)?

Molly W.

Is Mask-Wearing Compliance in High-School Age Students Correlated with Self-Reported Anxiety Symptoms Compared to Students Who Do Not Wear a Mask?

Helena D.

How does economic status, location, and other factors impact patients suffering from various diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), traumatic brain injury, Parkinson's Disease, or stroke?

Amy W.

Social Support and SELF Ambassadors

Madeline L.

Given partial observations of a natural image, can a network be trained that can accurately predict the missing portion to a realistic standard?

Kevin F.

California Higher Education Applications and Equity

Jack C.

How can we market new goods and products to most effectively target Palo Alto High School students?

Andrew S.

Analyzing the optogenetically stimulated neurons in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis (BNST) region of mice through behavioral testing and cell analysis

Neelima V.

How Carbon Emissions Affect Climate Change

Navid N.

The Impact of Interpersonal Relations on Teacher Turnover

Bridget L.

Impact of Online Resources on Math Achievement in Middle School

Jay R.

What Does the History of Real Estate Discrimination Look Like in the San Francisco Bay Area and How Has it Discriminated Against Minorities?

Kendall T.

The Role of Democracy in 2020 Taiwanese Presidential Election

Yi-Jie T.

Impact of Security Treats on Country Debt Defaults

Ben S.

What are the correlations between different types of solar panels (monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film) and the amount of energy output?

Veronica P.

Design of Visual Recognition Software to Analyze Deep Brain Stimulation Video.

Xavier L.

Identifying the Most Effective Single Agent for Treating Follicular Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Manya Z.

Environmental Impacts on the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Quantitative Analysis

Amelia Y.

AAR Student Projects