AP Seminar FAQ

What is AP Seminar?

The primary goals of the AP Seminar course are to help students understand how to study an issue from multiple perspectives, evaluate source information, and then develop and communicate effectively a logical, evidence-based point of view. Students practice and apply these skills through the exploration of complex topics and by examining a variety of divergent or competing perspectives.

What kind of student will succeed in AP Seminar?    

AP Seminar requires outstanding social and student skills from its participants, who must be able to maturely collaborate with peers of all backgrounds and grades levels (grades 10-12). The AP Seminar grade is partly based on a team presentation that is assessed by the College Board.

What prerequisite skills do I need for AP Seminar?

Students who communicate well and are innately curious about economic, political, scientific, and ethical issues will find AP Seminar rewarding. The course is designed for students with a growth mindset who can accept constructive criticism and are ready to plan, organize, and prioritize work for themselves and in service to team deadlines.

How much homework will I have in AP Seminar?   

Students in AP Seminar will typically have 3 to 4 hours of homework per week, mostly in the form of research and writing. Students who do not time manage well may face more hours of homework around deadlines.

How is AP Seminar graded?  

The College Board grades all formal assessments for the class. The teacher grades summative "mock" assessments including, but not limited to: writing, reading and research assignments, collaboration assessments, quizzes, etc.

What kind of "test" is there for AP Seminar?

AP Seminar has three large, consecutive assessments throughout the second semester, culminating in a sitting exam in May. These assessments are based on team and individual multimedia presentations, individual research reports, and several shorter essays written for the final exam in response to readings. 

Does AP Seminar include mentorship?

No, AP Seminar does not include mentorship. The subsequent course, AP Research, does.

Does AP Seminar earn CTE credit?

No, AP Seminar earns general elective credit. The subsequent course, AP Research, earns CTE credit.

Will students get college credits for AP Seminar?

Each college evaluates AP courses differently so you would have to take that question up with each college.

Can students take more than two APs in a year?

Students can take more than two APs in a year if they are interested in challenging, college level work and understand how to balance mental, social and physical health with a rigorous school load. We encourage students to adopt a growth mindset towards APs and challenge themselves in subject areas about which they feel passion and interest. Since colleges assess rigor on a student’s transcript, we encourage all capable students to consider Advanced Placement courses as a way to be competitive in the college application pool.