Advanced Authentic Research

AAR 2017 Winter Quarterly News & Publications

Friday, January 6, 2017 - 10:16am

Our Winter Newsletter – Issue 2 has been released. In this newsletter, you can learn about student progress, past and upcoming events, and more. As the AAR program grows with your input and contribution, we continue to develop new ways to enhance all students’ hands-on and real world learning experience. Recently, AAR has had an opportunity to share our program with surrounding educational communities. If you are interested in history and progression of our program, please feel free to read the following manuscripts which were submitted last summer and recently accepted for publication.


1. “Innovative Teaching and Learning through Advanced Authentic Research”, The National Consortium of Specialized STEM Schools (NCSSS) Journal, in press.


2. “Cultivating Innovation and Inclusiveness through Partnerships”, Success in High-Need Schools Journal, in press.


These two publications showcase our program’s vision and how that vision has grown to foster inclusiveness and rigorous academic pursuits. More importantly, they illustrate where AAR is growing and how we envision our continued growth to positively influence students and the mentors, teachers, parents, and community members who support them.