Advanced Authentic Research

AP Capstone Pathway Charges Ahead

Thursday, February 15, 2018 - 2:38pm

Paly's inaugural class of AP Seminar students are busy working on their Team Multimedia Projects and Individual Research Reports. Their research topics cover everything from sustainable fish farming to the rights of pregnant drug addicts to interdisciplinary education models in Finland. 


The College Board completed its audit of the AP Seminar course in November, which completed the process of getting AP Seminar approved as a formal AP course. AP Seminar will also be a prerequisite for the new AP Research course that will be offered starting fall 2018. The CTE Steering Committee has approved AP Research as a course earning CTE credit.


AAR would also like to congratulate AP Seminar teacher Lucy Filppu on earning her AP Seminar TMP & IMP certification! She can now officially score her students.


Together, AP Seminar and AP Research build on the AAR foundation to form the new AP Capstone pathway.


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