Advanced Authentic Research

Concluding Our Second Year

Monday, May 22, 2017 - 2:48pm

The second annual Celebratory Showcase was held Tuesday, May 16 at the Palo Alto High School Media Arts Center. 123 projects by 155 students were featured at the poster presentation. These projects covered topics within humanities, business, social science and STEM fields. The Culinary Arts Program also celebrated its partnership with AAR by featuring a variety of student-made treats. AAR students presented the results of their year-long research to an eager audience consisting of parents, PAUSD staff, and current and future mentors. Many Palo Alto community members also joined in celebrating student work. 


AAR partnered with Stanford Peace Innovation Lab to formally announce Journal A2I3R, a peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to amplifying the student voice and providing high school students with a platform for publishing original research. 


The showcase built on the success of 2015-16, and it was an exciting capstone to AAR's second year.


2017 also saw the launch of the Creativity Cart program in collaboration with the Elementary Educational Services. This program extends the philosophy of AAR to elementary schools by cultivating student skills in design, research, and development of self-advocacy. Each Creativity Cart is stocked with useful and engaging materials to nurture student creativity within a given subject while connecting their learning to complex, real-world applications through guided and personalized projects.


We extend our warmest thanks and deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported the AAR program over the last two years.


If you were not able to attend the showcase, you can check out this video and the showcase program for more detailed information about student accomplishments, projects, and AAR supporters.