Advanced Authentic Research

Creativity Carts Program Expands Through PAUSD’s Elementary Schools

Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 8:15am



The newest batch of Creativity Carts have been assembled by AAR staff and Elementary TOSAs and are on their way to our elementary schools!


These new carts will be delivered to Barron Park, Duveneck, Hoover, Escondido, Ohlone, and Walter Hays. They join carts that are already in place at Palo Verde, Addison, Nixon, Briones, Greendell, and El Carmelo.


The Creativity Cart program is a collaboration between AAR and Elementary Educational Services to extend the philosophy of AAR to elementary schools by engaging students in guided and personalized projects that promote the cultivation of skills in respect to design, research, and development of self-advocacy. Students’ endeavors in creativity will be celebrated by showcasing their projects on the AAR website and at the AAR Celebratory Showcase at the end of the school year.


The new carts should arrive at the sites within the next few days. We are looking forward to seeing where the students’ imagination takes them!