Advanced Authentic Research

How to Sign Up for AAR to Participate in 2016-2017

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 - 1:24pm

1. Students interested in participating in the program in 2016-17 should register for the Exploratory Experience-AAR course during the normal course registration process in February.

2. Students are required to complete a letter of intent form that will help us match students with mentors based on students’ interest and passion. If students already have a mentor they wish to work with, they need to indicate this on the form. (Students can also use the Sign-up link on our website menu and also listed under the quick link section).

3. Upon completion of the course selection and registration process, the AAR team will begin working to match students with mentors. As is standard procedure for course selections, students will receive their next year’s courses in May. Some students who select AAR may not be admitted as admission is limited by availability of suitable mentors. Any such students will be placed in their alternate course.

AAR Schedule Summary for Next Year

  • Feb: Register for Exploratory Experience-AAR Course and complete letter of intent form
  • Mar & Apr: Internal Mentor Matching Process
  • May: Course Schedules Finalized for Students

Thank you very much for your interest!

AAR Team