Advanced Authentic Research

Sharing Research Proposal Submission Instructions

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 - 1:52pm

Instructions for students

  1. Visit your project page – Click on the Project title on the right under the My Project(s) heading  
  2. Now on the project page – Notice above the Project title there is a tab menu
    1. View published – The Projects most recent published version.
    2. New draft – By clicking on this option you will enter edit mode for the project and you will be able to edit the project title and project proposal. 
    3. Edit Draft – This is only visible when you have an unpublished draft.
    4. Moderation state – After entering your project proposal and your are ready to submit to Mentor, change the Moderation State to Needs Review and Save.
  3. To Submit project proposal: (see Screenshot Project Page below)
  4. Enter Edit mode by clicking on New Draft (see the second Screen Shot below) and Update/change the following fields
    1. Click Save.
    2. Moderation state – Change Moderation state to Needs Review to inform your Mentor your Proposal is ready for review.
    3. Body –  Enter full Project proposal 
    4. Summary – Enter Project summary
    5. Title – Change Project title
    6. Editorial Section – Select your project, there should only be one project listed