Advanced Authentic Research

Student Journaling Now Enabled

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - 11:58am

AAR students can now record their research related work in our new electronic journaling system. All students should have received an email with their login information. The required fields for journal entries include the title, content, and number of hours. The entries will be time stamped. Students can also upload files such as images of their lab set up or an interesting article they read. Students should do both informal and formal writing in this work space. Important or formal entries that can potentially be used in their final poster or paper can be flagged by the students so they can be easily found at the end of the project. We are currently working on making the commenting feature more user-friendly for our mentors before being sent out to them. The journal entries will help to centralize student work and improve communication channel as the students collaborate with their lab partner/s and mentor.

We are continuing to work on the system and will roll out updates in the coming weeks. These will include a new landing page for the users when they first log in. We are also actively seeking feedback from the users this year in order to improve the system. All of our AAR team members have contributed to making the launch of the journal system possible during the pilot year. We would like to thank our district’s webmaster, Isidro Pimentel and our volunteer program advisor, Peter O’Riordan for all their hard work in making it possible for students to use our newly launched AAR Electronic Journaling System. It is exciting that our research students can “Write to Learn” in this centralized space!