Advanced Authentic Research

Students Engaging in Qualitative Research Analysis

Friday, April 28, 2017 - 3:16pm

Current senior SJP students are concurrently enrolled in the AAR program, and are receiving support and guidance needed to execute their capstone research project. Junior students are enrolled in a statistics application course taught by Ms. Deanna Chute; the course provides the students with a foundation in some of the analytical and methodological approaches used in data analysis. In recent months, Paly has partnered with Re-EnvisionED, a small team of passionate educators committed to shifting our schooling system so that it inspires human potential, fosters individual thriving and contributes to a flourishing society.  Students on campus conducted and transcribed interviews of classmates answering the question, "What makes a good life?" In Deanna Chute’s Statistical Application class, Ms. Chute and Nicole Hensel, from Re-EnvisionED, co-taught a lesson on the coding of qualitative data in order to train the students.  The pictures show the synthesis phase of coding where the class worked together to organize and analyze these codes, grouping codes into categories with similarities, and building toward general patterns and developing themes.  It would be exciting to see some of these students apply what they learned in their AAR projects next year.

Classroom photos can be viewed here