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Improving Animal Models Best Represent Alzheimer’s Disease

This research project will analyze the flaws in using current mice models to evaluate Alzheimer’s disease. The limitations of mice models will be identified through extensive research and previous studies. These findings will contribute to suggesting potential improvements to the modeling of Alzheimer’s disease. The project will validate the findings by applying them to other organisms diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. By analyzing the effectiveness of these improved models, the project will aim to provide a more accurate representation of Alzheimer’s disease using animal models.

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Testing Whether Marangoni Flows Are Caused by Evaporation and Gravity or Liquid Composition

The problem this project seeks to address is the lack of knowledge on the catalyst to thin film drainage over a curved surface. In certain instances, the drainage of the liquid is interrupted by a unique distribution of surface tension. These flows are called marangoni flows. Surface tension is a measurement of how much a liquid likes to stay in contact with itself. The driving force behind marangoni flows caused by either evaporation and gravity, or evaporation and liquid composition (Fanton & Cazaba, 1997). It is unknown which combination of forces is dominant over the other. Research backing the phenomena that takes place as film drains in marangoni flows is already limited. By adding to the pool of evidence behind film drainage in marangoni flows, a better understanding of how tear film on the human eye drains, would allow doctors to better accommodate contact wearers.

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Relationships Between NASA Budget Cuts and the Output of Spinoff Biomedical Engineering Projects, and How These Innovations Have Impacted the Medical World

NASA’s spinoff projects have used technologies originally developed for space exploration that have been adapted and further developed for common use, especially relating to the medical world. I am looking into these spinoff projects and collecting data to determine if NASA's budget over the years has had an impact on the output of these projects.

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Testing Graph Theory's Usefulness in Creating New Materials with Expected Properties through Computational Experiments Through Quantum Espresso Computer Simulations

This project will explore whether graph theory can be used to control chirality and model the genesis of chirality, a molecule not superimposable on its mirror image. This will be determined by observing isomorphism, or whether they are corresponding or similar in form, in CoCalc. Also, the project will explore whether properties of nanosystems calculated in Quantum Espresso (i.e., magnetization, thermodynamics, and band structures) can be predicted through graph theory. Finally, there will be an investigation on whether graph theory can mathematically describe the growth mechanisms in graphene.

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Modelling Control Factors For Mosquitoes In Many Environments

We will be creating a computer simulation that models how populations of mosquitoes are affected by certain vector control methods such as Wolbachia. This simulation will model a variety of methods and their effectiveness in various conditions and environments. The simulation will be interactive, with the ability to add factors in the process.

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Integrating Autonomous Vehicles into Current Roadway Networks

With complete adoption of fully autonomous vehicles likely to take decades, it is important to understand how autonomous cars will operate simultaneously with human-driven cars. This research is investigating how to integrate autonomous vehicles into current roadway infrastructure via simulations of a metropolitan freeway. By measuring average trip time and traffic flow rate, different integration methods and roadway configurations will be evaluated.

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Analyzing Sounds Emitted by Motorized Vehicles

I will record and visually display sounds emitted by motorized vehicles, and I will use software to analyze those recordings to see if there are any trends. A significant amount of research has been done on the analysis of voice, but little has been done on sound analysis regarding the environment and inanimate objects.

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Effective Methods for a Counselor-Based School Mental Health Program to Prevent Additional Suicide deaths After a Public Suicide in PAUSD

Despite​​ ​​numerous​​ ​​attempts​​ ​​at​​ ​​preventing​​ ​​suicide,​​ ​​high​​-achievement​​ ​​communities​​ ​​are​ ​still​​ ​​struggling​​ ​​to​​ ​​design​ ​programs​​ ​​that​​ ​​are​​ ​​effective​​ ​​at​​ ​​preventing​​ ​​these​​ ​​deaths.​​ This​​ ​​problem​​ ​​has​ ​negatively​​ ​​impacted​​ ​​both​​ ​​​individuals​ and communities at large, since​​ ​​people​​ ​​are​​ ​​still​​ ​​suffering​​ ​​with​​ ​​mental​​ ​​health​ ​issues​​ ​​and​​ ​​don’t​​ ​​know​​ ​​where​​ ​​to​​ ​seek​ ​affordable​​ ​​counseling​​ ​​and​​ ​​mental​​ ​​health​​ ​​services.​​ ​​Perhaps​​ ​​exploring​ ​past​​ ​​suicide​​ ​​data,​​ ​​and​​ ​​the​​ ​​mental​​ ​​health​ ​programs​​ ​​in​​ ​​those​​ ​​impacted​​ ​​communities​, can​​ ​​point the way to​​ ​​a​​ ​​possible​ ​remedy​​ ​​for​​ ​​this​​ ​​problem.

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Variations that Affect the Risk of Narcolepsy

Research on narcolepsy (a sleep disease) is scarce, and patients may not understand whether developments are made to help them. So, I conducted interviews with professors who wrote articles on narcolepsy and expressed adequate knowledge on the subject. The goal of these interviews is to gather information about what research is being done on narcolepsy recently, and what those professors believe about debates on the developments.

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Graphene Doping

We will examine how properties of graphene change as we dope them with pairs of metals. We are using Quantum Espresso to simulate how the particles interact with each other. We will also compare these changes in properties to other experiments to see how this can be used as a semiconductor or for other purposes.


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