Advanced Authentic Research

Analyzing the Correlation Between Cultural Perception and International Relations by Anisha P.


How does a foreign perception of nations’ cultures compare with the reality of each respective culture? What traits of the culture and its perception are similar and different across the board, and how do these perceptions correlate with the state of relations between the nation with a distinct culture and another nation with a certain perception of that culture? When most people assess foreign relations, they usually focus on the governments in question and what images they project of themselves. However, I strongly believe that it is the people of that nation that have the most effect on the true culture of the nation...The new trend of news as portrayed in social media is a more personal, up close perspective of an issue, such as the personal stories of migrants posted daily by Brandon Stanton on his famous page, Humans of New York. Dealing with an issue at a personal level rather than making a blanket statement about a culture or government can ben important. However, the aforementioned media sources are heavily reliant on pathos to convey their messages, and unbiased yet genuine news is almost impossible to obtain through that medium. This project aims at not only to studying cultural relativism and the long-lasting effect of a misconception... I will be conducting a case study on United States relations Cuba. For the Cuba case study, I will use my field study in Cuba to observe the actual culture of Cuba, and compare it to the American perception of Cuban culture. The American perspective will be compiled from a variety of different sources that reflect the views of the American public rather than the media or government. Using these observations, I will assess the relations between Cuba and the United States and how cultural perception has played a role in them. I traveled to Cuba on a field study with the League of Creative Minds in order to study the effects of the embargo on Cuba...