Advanced Authentic Research

Economical Analysis of Growth in Greenn Industry by Nicholas T.


In history, the most money has been typically made by those who capitalize and dominate the fledgling industry. Rockefeller became the richest man in history with his early domination of the early market. At his side are the infamous super capitalist who pounced on new industries to mine untold profits from markets that had not existed five years prior. Carnegie and his steel, Jobs with his personal computer, Zuckerberg and his social network. It follows similar patterns of rapid growth on untapped markets...As part of my research project, I will be analyzing the companies vying for control of this green industry, under the lens of future growth for the industry. This project will not consider the following aspect as part of variables: the morality, legality, or social implications that legalization will bring. Instead, it will focus on the economic side. I want to take more of an investor's slant on the situation looking for companies that will be the next Budweiser or General Mills of Marijuana...To gain a better understanding of the climate, I am going to start the data collection by interviewing a family friend who runs one of the most successful florist companies on the west coast and who is considering entering the growing industry. I also plan on communicating directly with some the pre-established companies in the Colorado area to gain what knowledge they have on future of the industry. My next best lead would be my old soccer coach, Bill Barnett. He currently works as a professor of business at Stanford and is also interested in how very powerful companies form...