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The Effect of Video Games on Memory by Tone L.


How do video games affect memory? Does it matter what kind of video game or do they all have the same effect? With the development of technology and the growing importance of it in our lives, we have to ask ourselves how it affects us--particularly games. Kids start playing video games at a young age and some continue to play it until they’re adults and even when they’re parents. Video games are fun and all, but how much do they affect our memory? Do different games have different effects on our memory? Other studies have compared reading and games on memory, but I want to see what the different kind of games do...First, we will need to find 20 different participants. To limit the number of variables, I will select the 20 subjects and make sure they are in the same grade, same level of classes, and 50% boy and 50% girl. Each trial will be conducted three times to assure accuracy. They will be tested in grammar, science, and math questions. They will play fifteen minutes of a game and then do the worksheet in the topics. The different games will be Role Playing, First person shooter, and Sports games. We will then see the results of the trials in each of the 3 categories and see how they correlate. Since there will be 180 trials total...