Advanced Authentic Research

The Expansion of Mobile Healthcare in Emerging Markets using HeMoClo by Allison Z. and Arianna G.


Access to adequate healthcare is a basic human necessity in the 21st century. Unfortunately, many impoverished places in the world, including areas in rural India, still lack the benefits of basic health services. As part of our research we are developing methods to increase the expansion of mobile health systems using HeMoClo by optimizing communications between healthcare providers and patients in rural areas....The top leading causes of death in India are cardiovascular diseases followed by diabetes, strokes, diarrhoeal diseases, birth complications, and tuberculosis. The deaths of children under five years old are due 83% of the time to infectious, neonatal or nutritional problems. Almost 100% of Indian citizens have an improved source of water. However, a mere 40% of Indian citizens have adopted improved sanitation conditions....The current healthcare system in India relies on a mere 1% GDP per year which amounts to roughly $215 per capita on health spending in comparison to the 8.3% GDP spent by the United States on health care...On the business side of HeMoClo, we hope to deploy a long-term, sustainable business model that will create a shorter transition period (less than three years) for rural residents to become self-supporting customers of HeMoClo. We plan to achieve this goal by first improving the standard of living by focusing on five basic necessities: livelihood, health, education, water, and sanitation.....We will also address our research question from a technological standpoint. HeMoClo technology will be advanced by improving the computer human interface in order to allow for more effective communication....