Advanced Authentic Research

Researching Accessbility of Academic Resources Outside of School Setting to Design An Application by Timothy L. & Ashley Z.


How can students effectively utilize their time and resources to get the best possible academic aid and support in order to learn or review concepts outside of school? As Palo Alto is an area of high academic stress and competition, how can we best support students so that they are able to learn material taught in classes to the best of their abilities? We are looking to analyze availability of academic resources outside of school to create an application that utilizes a network of tutors to allow for better academic resources for students in need of help given location. The goal of the app is to have a widespread appeal to students of all grades so that when they need help, they can simply request a tutor and a tutor registered with the app as well will be able to answer the call. Tutors will be paid/rewarded by commission and based on success of the session, which the tutee will evaluate....In Silicon Valley, academic pressure is something that every single student is all too used to.  Students often complain about the vast difficulties they face in different subjects, but the stigma around actually going to get help causes many to stress unnecessarily over assignments that they can easily get help on.  The fallacy in the technological savvy of Silicon Valley is that many students do not utilize their vast resources well; instead of calling up a friend to get help on homework or study for a test, kids flock to social media sites like Twitter to complain about academic issues.  Thus, there is a clear need for a product that can combine the technological excellence of the region with an easy and efficient way to get academic help when needed in order to reduce stress and minimize the overall stereotype of the “Palo Alto Teen” stress case....We are proposing to do data analysis in order to design a mobile application that allows students to contact tutors in any subject at any given moment at any available location in the area...