Advanced Authentic Research

Analysis Of The Roots of Ancestry in the Qing Dynasty by He D.


This study will gather and analyze data related to the roots of my ancestry in the Qing dynasty in China in order to produce a documentary film, which will be narrated by myself. The subject ancestor of my research is a famous general who fought in the Sino-French War who is my great grandfather from 6 generations ago. Interviews in three relevant locations in China will be conducted: Shanghai, An hui, and Taiwan and the reasons for this are as follow: Shanghai because it provides a starting point to interview my grandfather who is very knowledgeable of my ancestor, An Hui because it was his hometown, and Taiwan because he was the first governor of the Taiwan province. Other aspects such as the styles of the music will be researched because ancient Chinese style music will be used in certain areas of this film, for purposes of creating a specific tone or atmosphere for the viewers...