How Use of a Teen Mentoring Program Impacts the Academic Engagement of Third Graders


by : 
Bradley S.


This research project will pilot a mentorship program within the context of a youth support and religious studies program within my church. In 5th grade, there has been a decline in enrollment and a drop-off in the number of students attending the program, and this project will study whether a mentorship program can be effective in sustaining and increasing participation. High school students from the church will be recruited and trained to serve as mentors. This is a critical age because this is the time kids stop being involved in the program. Mentors will be interviewed about the experience to determine the effectiveness of the mentorship program and to identify areas for future improvement. The results will also be examined: if next year’s enrollment goes up, then the mentorship program may have positively impacted the program for 3rd and 4th graders.