Testing Whether Marangoni Flows Are Caused by Evaporation and Gravity or Liquid Composition


by : 
Hunter N.


The problem this project seeks to address is the lack of knowledge on the catalyst to thin film drainage over a curved surface. In certain instances, the drainage of the liquid is interrupted by a unique distribution of surface tension. These flows are called marangoni flows. Surface tension is a measurement of how much a liquid likes to stay in contact with itself. The driving force behind marangoni flows caused by either evaporation and gravity, or evaporation and liquid composition (Fanton & Cazaba, 1997). It is unknown which combination of forces is dominant over the other. Research backing the phenomena that takes place as film drains in marangoni flows is already limited. By adding to the pool of evidence behind film drainage in marangoni flows, a better understanding of how tear film on the human eye drains, would allow doctors to better accommodate contact wearers.