An Empirical Approach to the Measurement Problem of Quantum Mechanics


by : 
Quinn M.


I am exploring measurement collapse, where a particle tends to instantaneously fall into a definite state only after being observed by a measuring device or conscious being. Since the 1920s, many interpretations on how to explain how and why this behavior occurs have been presented. However, the quantum mechanics community has not been able to determine which interpretation is most accurate. This project will focus on one of these interpretations, "simultaneous localization," which holds that collapse occurs randomly and without the need for measurement. This project will utilize the IBM Q Experience 5-qubit quantum computer to empirically simulate the simultaneous localization measurement process. To simulate this interpretation, we will observe what occurs to the uncertainty in spin of two multi-particle entangled systems with opposing spin. In this particular situation, the simultaneous localization interpretation and the accepted orthodox interpretation of measurement differ. If we can analyze which interpretation more closely matches particle behavior in this scenario, we can get begin to determine which interpretations are most accurate.