ADHD Treatments Options: Information, Accessibility, And Awareness


by : 
Alex S.


This project will survey physicians to find the prevalence of sustainable treatments like nutrition are in reducing prevalence of ADHD symptoms and how to increase awareness of treatment options to patients diagnosed with ADHD.

Personal Statement

I started my project off with implementing community gardens in low income neighborhood and as I was completing my research I founds that community garden help to with a number of health problems including ADHD. This intrigued me since I know so many individual including myself that have been diagnosed with ADHD, also I know how scary and expensive medications can be. Not having a treatment can be hard and effect a long list of things like school, memory, and time management. By finding affordable treatment I would be able to help so many high school student and especially low-income student develop skills and lifestyles that can help mange and gain control of ADHD like possibly nutrition.