Air Pollution in Palo Alto vs East Palo Alto


by : 
Alexandra L.


This research project is about the disproportionate affects of air pollution in communities of lower socioeconomic status, especially between Palo Alto and East Palo Alto. Air pollution is a major problem because it has lots of long and short term health effects, like asthma. Communities of lower socioeconomic status experience more air pollution than other communities, so this research is aiming to see if East Palo Alto experiences worse air pollution than Palo Alto.

Personal Statement

I chose my project after loving the environmental science class that I took last year, and being super interested in learning more about the different social justice effects of environmental pollution. I focused my project in on East Palo Alto after learning that the asthma rate is 3x the county average, and wanting to learn more about the causes for this. Through AAR, I found a way to research something I am super interested in while hopefully making a difference in the way we view air pollution.