Analyzing Guard-on-Inmate Sexual Violence in Women’s Correctional Facilities


by : 
Ria R.


One problem that has been historically overlooked is the prevalence of guard-on-inmate sexual violence within women’s correctional facilities in the US. As sexual violence continues to be pervasive within U.S. correctional facilities, victims are often left to deal with long-term detrimental effects including, but not limited to, STDs and mental health problems. These issues disproportionately affect ethnic minorities as a result of eras of mass incarceration after the abolition of slavery and the war on drugs. This project will survey people who have worked in and around women’s correctional facilities and draw on a number of different resources, including reviewing previously published academic papers, surveys conducted in women’s prisons, and other academic studies. Using these resources, this project is expected to serve as evidence to support alterations to the current system that will aid in limiting this problem.