The Anonym Project


by : 
Yara S.


Bias is everywhere in the workforce recruitment process, whether it is discriminatory or in another form: confirmation bias, beauty bias, halo and horns effects, comparisons, etc. In fact, 59% of U.S. companies are committing to increasing diversity but struggling and 57% of employees believe that their company should be more diverse. The Anonym Project focuses on delving deeper into and solving these specific pain points during the recruitment process on both the recruitment and candidate sides in order to ensure a more efficient onboarding process for cultivating a better company culture. The Anonym Project next steps are: surveying more recruiters, applicants, & others involved in the process in a second round of user research, performing two separate application experiments, one with a blind application and one with the bias reducing recruitment platform, and finishing the clickable prototype of the Anonym platform.