Benefits of Teens Maintaining a Paid Job in Silicon Valley, California


by : 
Brooke M.


In this day and age, many adolescents view work to be a drag. On the contrary, maintaining a job through adolescence is so much more than what meets the eye. In fact, what you don’t see is all the skills an adolescent gains to become a functioning member of society. The adult-like environment not only prepares adolescents for the future but teaches them firsthand how to succeed in the workplace. There is a problem in or with the understanding of maintaining a job through adolescence to adulthood. Despite the belief that students do not need a job during adolescence, there have been many who believe the work experience gained during adolescence benefits students long term.

Personal Statement

My interest in adolescent work experience is rooted in my experience working at a young age. Even though I struggled in school, I never felt that work was the reason. Furthermore, I felt that working provided an adult environment where I could learn to become a respectful member of society. Over the years I can definitely see a difference in my maturity and attitude toward responsibilities. In knowing this, I wondered how others were affected by working through adolescence too.