Can a player's union in international soccer help combat corruption within FIFA?


by : 
Asher F.


Qatar hosted the 2022 Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup across various billion-dollar stadiums, which only exist because of the labor of migrant workers. These stadiums did not exist when FIFA appointed Qatar to host the world cup, leaving fans wondering how a nation without the necessary infrastructure to host a World Cup won the vote over a nation like the United States. According to an investigation from the United States Department of Justice, the well-documented fiscal corruption was influential in the allocation of World Cups. The investigation resulted in many officials' arrests, which was a temporary solution as it failed to acknowledge the issue for decades. FIFA officials continue to take financial bribes to determine the distribution of media rights and hosting of the world cup. Due to the considerable monetary incentives for corruption to prevail in international soccer, there is no identifiable resolution. This research project investigates the possibility of a players union within International Soccer to eradicate corruption within the organization.