Causes, Effects, and Solutions to Groundwater Depletion in California


by : 
Tanvi R.


Across California, groundwater in aquifers, or underground water reservoirs, has been depleting at a very high rate. This is primarily due to the over-pumping of groundwater from aquifers for irrigation and municipal use. Such depletion has lasting and negative effects on both human and wildlife populations. This research project will investigate the causes and rate of groundwater depletion, and will provide possible solutions to mitigate this issue.

Personal Statement

For a while now, strides have been made towards bettering and helping our environment through policies and protests that advocate for more environmentally sustainable practices. Such activities have piqued my interest and encouraged me to research a topic that both relates to the environment and could hopefully bring more awareness to our planet's needs. As such, I decided to research groundwater depletion and its impact on local communities and environments. Through AAR, I have had the opportunity to dive into a subject area that interests me greatly while also advancing my researching skills.