Connection between Contamination of Coastlines and Surf Break Pollution


by : 
Alex W.


This project will focus on whether the testing of water will lessen the contamination of coastlines, specifically in Pilar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay, in order to pinpoint and reduce the consequences of pollution at surf breaks. The project will analyze data on both water quality (quantitative) and where it appears to be coming from (qualitative) and analyze data.

Personal Statement

I was introduced to the harsh reality of the contamination issue in the San Mateo County not by choice - I am a passionate surfer who is lucky enough to call this pristine stretch of coastline my home. Everyone should have the right to surf, and with a growing ignorance within the community with respect to dangerous contamination levels, I felt l had the duty to contribute to the reduction of this problem to the greatest extent possible. My project allowed me to do meaningful research through the analysis of data and communication, ultimately allowing me to measure my success.