COVID-19's Impact on Working Mothers


by : 
Cate B.


For most people, access to a steady income through employment is a vital part of their independence and autonomy. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic has caused thousands of mothers to lose their opportunity to support themselves and their families. New studies show that women, especially mothers, are experiencing unemployment (voluntary and involuntary) at rates much higher than their male counterparts. Due to abnormal pandemic stressors, family structures and the division of labor have been completely rearranged for many families. Closed schools in particular have increased the demand for childcare, which has forced many mothers to quit to care for their young children. The disruption of the careers of working mother’s will have long lasting impacts on not only individuals, but the gendered aspect of the economy. The issue of mother’s unemployment has persisted even with the improvement of the pandemic, and it has become clear that without action, it could have a long lasting impact on gender equity in the United States.