The Effect of Surface Contouring on Capacitive Computer Keyboard Sensitivity


by : 
Ethan C.


Capacitive keyboards are known to be extremely tolerant of harsh working environments, yet are notoriously difficult to type on. This project explores the feasibility of a contoured capacitive keyboard surface that enhances a user's ability to locate their fingers on the keyboard, thus improving the overall typing experience. A series of CAD models are created and used to construct a set of individual keyboard keys. These keys are then tested to identify features that lead to increased or decreased key sensitivity, producing a framework for a full scale contoured capacitive keyboard.

Personal Statement

I've always had a fascination with making things, from sand, to legos, to electric vehicles and machine tools. But in this time, I'd never learned much about making sensors and electronics. Through this program and with the support of my mentor, I was able to dip my toes into this brand new facet of engineering, in the process building a completely new set of skills and knowledge that I will take with me far into the future.