Effective Mental Health Resources for the Asian Community


by : 
Eunchae H.


The Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities are the least likely to access mental health resources compared to any other race. People part of the AAPI community made up only 18.3% of those who accessed the mental health resources readily available (Hu, 2019). Many factors play a role in why people find the need to access mental health resources, and one of these factors is the effects of the Model Minority Myth in the Asian community. The Model Minority Myth is a stereotype that classifies all Asians as problem-free and hardworking, so they are the “Model Minority.” There are few resources to aid with the aftermath of the myth, as discovered in a research project conducted last year by Eunchae Hong. This research project aims to answer the following question: How can we create adequate online mental health resources for young Asian Americans struggling with their mental health due to the Model Minority Myth?