Extrachromosomal DNA in Biofluids: A Biomarker of Cancer?


by : 
Yuhui W.


About one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives (“Cancer Statistics,” 2018). Yet, the mutation that caused the tumor’s formation may differ from one patient to another. My research focuses on how extrachromosomal DNA in biofluids can serve as biomarkers in cancer. Sequencing the mutation from ecDNA is a less-invasive detection method with high accuracy in its diagnosis. This project hopes to summarize past research and provide insight into where this new field is headed to next.

Personal Statement

My project on extrachromosomal DNA allowed me to explore a phenomenon that scientists only found in recent years. Through AAR, I acquired the skill of learning about a topic through research papers like most scientists. Additionally, through the class, I was able to piece together a bigger picture about the topic because I could interview professors and researchers to get the latest information on the field.