Financial Inequality in SAT Scores


by : 
Max P.


My research project focuses on how the SAT and ACT are heavily skewed to benefit students whose families can afford extra preparation for these tests. In order to look further into potential solutions for this problem, this project seeks to set up complimentary SAT prep courses that would be provided at Paly during tutorial and monitor its impact.

Personal Statement

As a high school student in Palo Alto who saw very direct improvement in my own SAT score as a result of tutoring, I am very aware of the effects of private shadow education. After having a conversation with my parents about the ridiculous pricing of some of the local standardized testing test prep courses, it made me further think about how much a student's ability to pay affects their scores. I decided to focus on this topic in particular because I have experienced the SAT process myself and know how much of a big deal it can seem like to high school juniors and seniors. Through the process of creating a project within AAR, I intend on trying to help bridge the gap that is present as a result of financial status within SAT scores, even if it is at a very small scale.