Food Security: A National Crisis


by : 
Virginia T.


As of this year, roughly 37.2 million people in America are food insecure, and 4.7 million of that being from California (California Association of Food Banks, 2019). For one to be qualified as food secure they must have access to adequate food at all times (Shell, 2019). Food security is a very prevalent issue throughout America, more specifically lower-income neighborhoods. Food security and Food desertification have many factors that affect them, some being race. In cities throughout America, and Northern California people have been searching for ways to combat the lack of food and the lack of fresh and healthy foods. One of the ways to combat this is Urban Gardens. Urban Gardens have been found to help because people now have access to food they did not before.

Personal Statement

My project was inspired by learning about the issue of food desertification in my science class last year. Realizing how big of an issue this is in America, I knew I wanted to research and learn more about what I could do. I figured if I could gain more knowledge on the issue I could find a way to make some form of impact. For my research, I looked into one of the ways people have been trying to combat food security and desertification in America, Urban Gardens and the feasibility and effectiveness of them.