The Future of Women’s Rights in Nigeria: A Study on the Impact of Culture on Sexism in Nigeria


by : 
Angelica N.


Nigeria has one of the highest populations in Africa, yet it suffers from a crippling amount sexism. While the ratio of male-to female members in the workforce is near equal, women still face sexism at home, in their workplace, and at school. While this is a phenomenon seen almost across the globe, I specifically choose Nigeria, because it is the country and the culture I know best. All this begs the question of why? Why despite progress is Nigeria still, for the most part, stuck in the archaic ways? Through rigorous research, and the help of a few surveys, I hope to prove my hypothesis that culture and the way we see life and others around us plays a huge role in sexism and also contribute to finding a long-lasting solution to the problem that many societies face today.