Harnessing the Power of the Ocean: Designing a Portable and Efficient Wave Energy Converter


by : 
Isabel S.


The ocean is full of unharnessed, clean energy. For the past two years, I've been engineering a device that generates electricity from the power of waves. My goal is to make an efficient, small-scale, and easy-to-use prototype for people without access to electricity. I've built many prototypes and tested them in the ocean - this year I'm focusing on improving durability so I can test for longer periods of time and solidify my proof-of-concept.

Personal Statement

I've always loved to build things for fun, and AAR has helped me combine my tinkering skills with my passion for green energy. Despite the challenges of the ocean environment and the many failed prototypes I built, working on this project for the past 3 years has taught me so much about the design process and what it means to be an engineer. My project has shown potential for small scale wave energy converters, and I hope to develop them further in the future.