How can the overexploitation of fisheries and financial inequality be minimized in the South China Sea?


by : 
Caroline M.


"South China Sea Fisheries are estimated to generate $100 billion a year, supporting around 3.7 million people" (RFA). It is undeniable that South China dominates the fishing industry worldwide. Still, the specific strategies to fish incredible amounts are often overlooked and significantly affect coastal communities. With the economy and populations' reliance on fish for food and
financial support, this industry is constantly growing, causing rates of illegal fishing to climb in certain areas. There are often inaccurate reports of illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing due to the lack of regulation in areas where high rates of IUU fishing occur, such as the high seas, which make up 45% of our planet (NMSF). Poor fishing management is the primary cause of these activities. This research project examines the overexploitation of fisheries in the South China Sea and the resulting financial inequality through data collection from previous research.