How do the designs of pediatric floors at different major hospitals in the Bay Area fit with the ideal hospital preferences of local teenagers?


by : 
Michelle L., Emily Z.


A hospital is often a place of high stress or uncertainty for most patients, especially the pediatric population. Thus, the design of a hospital is crucial to making it a comfortable visit for adolescents. Whether adding more interactive activities or incorporating relatable images into the design, making the hospital environment less intimidating can make all the difference to the quality and efficiency of hospital visits. Currently, pediatric hospitals' design primarily focuses on accommodating younger patients' needs, as they are most susceptible to high-stress environments and sometimes intimidating doctor's offices, causing the needs of older children to go unnoticed. This project aims to research pediatric clinics' entire design process and how to incorporate the opinions of adolescents' into the design process. Data will be collected through interviews with principal architects at local hospitals to understand the design process and the criteria that large hospitals need to follow.