How Does Consumer Culture in the US Affect the Mental Health of its Citizens?


by : 
Ella M.


In the United States, consumer culture is prevalent and many indulge in it as a “new and improved” way of life. Consumer culture focuses on the spending of money by customers, specifically on material goods to obtain a certain lifestyle within a capitalist or mixed economy. Many believe that they are bettering themselves by shifting their attention towards buying material goods, while in reality, it is causing consumers to develop mental health issues. Through analyzing consumer trends in the US, this research project aims to find statistics showing increased consumerism in the US over the last 20 years along with statistics on increasing mental health issues. Using these values, the project will use correlational data to draw conclusions regarding the effects of toxic consumer culture in America. Ultimately, the goal is to contradict the theory which states that consumerism is a form of therapy. This will unravel while identifying that excessive consumerism can lead to mental health issues thereby preventing many in the future from indulging in this way of life.