How Does the Justice System Disproportionately Affect Prisoners with Mental Health Issues in How They are Treated by Correctional Officers Along with the Resources They Have in Southern Prisons?


by : 
Erin F.


This research project is about the systematic oppression of prisoners who are facing mental health issues in the southern prisons in the United States. This research will highlight the neglect from correctional officers and how officer training has led to these unjust actions in prisons. Data and witness accounts show the outrageous and unwarranted mistreatments that prisoners may face, and showcase how our justice system is set up to use prisons like rehabilitation centers, ignoring prisoners with mental health issues. The research methods will be content analysis and narrative research. The content will be taken from primary and secondary resources: journals written by prisoners and/or correctional officers and reports by forensic psychologists working with prisoners dealing with mental health issues. The narrative research will be accounts of multiple personal narratives about prisoners who have died due to this unfair treatment and lack of observation.