How does a lack of empathy affect the patient’s mental and physical health?


by : 
Aareev P.


Unhealthy relationships between patients and healthcare providers may occur when healthcare providers treat patients with inadequate empathy concerning pain tolerance. According to a survey by Forbes, 82% of clinicians believe that empathy is an important skill to exhibit to their patients. This study demonstrates the significance of empathy as essential for patients for various health benefits. Medicinal compassion serves to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as increase patient satisfaction and cooperation. While the healthcare industry is rapidly expanding and evolving, a few gaps in research are apparent in how empathy affects it. Empathy is not a thoroughly researched subject because it is challenging to design an experiment or study involving empathy. The complexity of empathy needs to be trained and practiced in an actual setting as it may not always be present. This research project aims to identify the significant gap in research on how a lack of empathy can negatively affect patients’ mental and physical health due to a lack of empathy.