How will mental training affect the number of strokes per round of professional golfers compared to those who get no training?


by : 
Joshua W.


There is a problem in the counseling many athletes receive in increasing athletic performance. Over the years, many athletes have been constantly taught that training the body and honing their skills is the best and only way to get better. However, many athletes find themselves gaining minimal improvement despite training hard physically. The mental side of sports has barely been researched over the last couple of years, resulting in many athletes needing to improve their capabilities quickly. With a high demand for mental focus and control, golf is one of the world's most challenging, if not the hardest, sports (Leach & Sheard, 2001). Based on this view, it is reasonable to infer that if mental training does not show significant golf results, it will probably not benefit athletes in other sports. Therefore, this research project will investigate how mental training affects professional golfers in the number of strokes per round compared to those without training. As the 2022-23 PGA tour season just started, collecting data from January to February is ideal as it provides adequate time for the athletes to improve and shoot more scores to analyze.