The Impact of Community Gardening on Nutrition and Eating Habits


by : 
Kate O'C.


This project will examine the impact of community gardening on eating practices in low-income communities. Currently, research suggests that a large disparity in healthy food practices exists between the levels of healthy eating practices in high and low-income communities, with dangerous health ramifications. Community gardens, pieces of land gardened and developed by a community of individuals that produce food for collective consumption, have the ability to positively affect this issue.

Personal Statement

I chose to focus on the topic of food inequity because it is very much interconnected with a lot of the biggest issues our country faces including income inequality, racial issues, healthcare, and more. This project allowed me to delve into a topic that I really did not know much about at first and it ended up becoming really interesting and engaging for me as a researcher. Through this process, I have learned so much more about food and health as well as what it takes to implement a tangible solution in a local setting.