Impact of Gun Legislation on Gang-Related Violence


by : 
Miles B.


This project will be a multi-variable analysis of the root cause of gang-related gun violence in Chicago. It will examine how Chicago and neighboring states such as Indiana and Wisconsin view firearms and how that translates to their state legislature. In addition, the project will look at how and why gangs still operate in a city where firearm laws are stronger than surrounding areas.

Personal Statement

The lockdown threat Paly faced in my sophomore year made me realize how much gun violence affects each and every community in this country. In the aftermath of this shocking event, I decided to join my friend's organization, Shattering The Silence, to honor victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Ever since the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, I have been very passionate about gun violence prevention, so I chose to research the extent of how gang culture and firearm laws in other states affect Chicago's epidemic of gun violence.