Impact Of Music On The 8 Wellness Factors In High School Students


by : 
Ava S.


7.7million children between the ages of 10-17 are diagnosed with a mental health illness. With these numbers only increasing, the limited number of prevention methods such as raising awareness and early risk screening are not sufficient in slowing down the growing cases. To stop the spread, it's important to focus on the 8 factors that contribute to overall wellness: physical wellness, intellect, emotion, social relations, spirit, vocation, finance, environment. Nowadays teens are turning to music as it helps emotion management and expression as well as social relations, 2 of the wellness factors. This research will collect data from students through a survey and daily log to understand how students are using music and to investigate the impact music listening has on all 8 wellness factors. A review of related research will be used to explain the science behind music's relationship with wellness to determine the extent music can be used as a mental health prevention method.