Impact of One-on-One Meetings for Low-Income PAUSD Families about A-G Requirements


by : 
Chloe L.


Despite PAUSD's stellar reputation, only about 37% of low-income students in PAUSD are meeting A-G requirements and are deemed “college ready” and eligible for UCs. Not meeting A-G requirements makes it significantly harder for students to receive a college education and rise out of poverty. Parent communication and involvement has been proven to positively impact students, so this project will provide parents of low-income students with one-on-one meetings that will provide information on A-G requirements so that they are informed and able to help their students stay on track to meet them. The parents will be given pre and post surveys to see if there is a statistically significant difference in self reported knowledge and level of comfort on A-G requirements.

Personal Statement

When I was a sophomore I began tutoring a low-income sixth grader. For the past three years I've seen him grow tremendously as a student and a person. He has the potential to do whatever he sets his mind to, however he is not on an even playing field. As a low-income student in PAUSD, the odds are against him, as only 37% of low-income PAUSD students are meeting A-G requirements. AAR has allowed me to dive into this issue and search for a way to raise this rate and hopefully remove one of the many roadblocks in not only his path, but for all PAUSD low-income students, who make up 11% of our district.