Impact of STEM Literacy on SpringBoard to Kindergarten and Kindergarten Readiness


by : 
Brianna M.


This project will be working with Springboard to Kindergarten children and doing mini science, technology, engineering, and math lessons (STEM). The main goal is to see what can be done to help introduce STEM concepts in early childhood education. This research project seeks to encourage more STEM lessons in early childhood education as STEM influences children’s ability to think critically, problem solve, and create.

Personal Statement

Since I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to be the teacher that students had felt really helped them and supported them, I still want that. When I landed in the Social Justice Pathway and started working on project based learning assignments and when I joined Early Childhood Development, I realized that my desire to be a teacher derived from the idea that I wanted to help kids that are like how I was: a student bussing in from East Palo Alto to attend school in Palo Alto, students who may feel like they were already outcasts before the school year even started. AAR has helped me realize that although it can be difficult to "boil the ocean," (Ms Angell) the work that I am doing means something to the students I am working with and that's already accomplishing my childhood dreams.